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The most active ingredients in Youthful Energy are phospholipids. Most have never heard of phospholipids, but they are fundamental to the structure of cell and mitochondrial membranes, cell signaling, energy production, and detoxification.


Doctor Garth Nicolson coined the term Membrane Lipid Replacement Therapy (MLRT) using the ingredients found in Youthful Energy. His research shows (MLRT) supports energy production and improved quality of life. Study patients reported significant reductions in fatigue up to 45 percent in 8 weeks. We highly recommend that every TrueRife user takes this supplement


True energy production is one of the fundamental steps in healing most all chronic diseases. The addition of Youthful Energy will enhance the effects of TrueRife.


This item is Non-Refundable even if the product is unopened unused condition



Youthful Energy Supplement


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