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33408 Greenfield Forest Drive

Magnolia, TX 77354

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Who We Are

TrueRife has been on the leading edge of frequency generating devices for almost 20 years.  Over 10,000 Frequency Generators have been sold by TrueRife along with an additional 80,000+ products and accessories.  


Most recently, Medical Doctor Gregory Howard, with 30 years of clinical experience, and Entrepreneur, Jake Daniels, purchased TrueRife. 

TrueRife will continue to support research into the medical applications of TrueRife electromagnetic frequencies. TrueRife programs are currently being compared to successful protocols already published in medical literature. 

TrueRife is developing a new program list targeted to support the everyday needs of families and their pets. In addition to the vast list of over 2,400 programs already available with TrueRife, we are adding new programs supporting everyday aches, pains, mood, memory, attention span, itching, athleticism, and more. This will construct a database of programs not only for medical related issues, but the most comprehensive list of programs available in the Rife world.

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Doctor Gregory Howard received a pharmacy degree before a medical degree from the University of Texas in Houston. He has practiced anesthesia for over 25 years. The last 12 years his attention has shifted to cancer research.

He states his two proudest achievements as a physician have been reversing his father’s stage 3 lung cancer using the Abscopal Effect, and the detection of his wife’s malignant melanoma and ovarian cancers at stage zero using liquid biopsies. 


His father Lowell turns 90 December 11, 2022. Doctor Howard’s wife Michelle is healthy and completed the 2022 Kona Hawaii Ironman. 


Doctor Howard is studying the effects of electromagnet frequencies on Circulating Cancer Stem Cells which are always detectable and prognostic in persons with a history of cancer. 

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Jake Daniels has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Degree from SHSU in Texas with an entrepreneurial background. Jake’s most recent endeavor was President/CEO of RTIC Custom Shop where he operated a facility that shipped tens of thousands of customized products every day with over 150 employees.

Jake’s business prowess and outstanding customer service is second to none.

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