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Misty Review.png
I have been a Truerife customer for over eight years now and I can’t say enough good things about this company and their products. They have helped my family and I in countless ways. Owning a Truerife has brought me piece of mind in so many ways. Please understand that all rife machines are not created the same and Truerife is second to none. The amount of time, care, research and development they have put into their products is impressive. Very user friendly, effective and worth every penny!!
Amy Shaffer Review White no text.png
Best customer service ever! Also the only rife that has many wonderful attachments including a foot bath, the one thing I can’t live without. Trust these guys so much. So knowledgeable and friendly.
KEvin Text.png
I have been using Rife technology since 1999 and have seen thousands of patients. The TrueRife is the ONLY machine I recommend. It is easily programmable, simply to use, and most importantly, it is very effective. While there may be many "Rife" machines on the market, TrueRife far outshines anything else out there.
Singer Review.png
We've been working with clients using Truerife's technology for approximately 5 years now. We have 5 generators in all. Before purchasing Truerife's equipment we conducted extensive research into the Rife technology available on the market. "'TrueRife'" has proved itself the right choice for us.
Jodi Review.png
I'm very pleased with my Rife machine and have owned it for the last 2+ years. Last night the machine needed a fuse replaced but I wasn't sure what the issue was. I called True Rife this morning and spoke with Jake who was able to identify what the issue was and talked me through how to replace the fuse.

I was grateful for the forward thinking of the True Rife folks that included 2 extra fuses on the machine for such a situation like this. I was able to replace the fuse myself and pick up with my normal Rife routine in the comfort of my own home.

Thank you True Rife and thank you Jake for helping me today!
Christine Review.png
TrueRife devices have been so helpful for my family! This is the real deal- the healing my child (and myself) had after a short period was astounding. I now use this device in my office and also have since become a Certified TrueRife Consultant. The changes I have seen in the people using this device are nothing short of miraculous. There are over 250 programs to not only combat ailments but also support the body.
Shen Ming Review.png
True Rife is The rife machine to achieve results. I have been using my machines for 10 years plus now and they are highly reliable and actually deliver what they say. True Rife is a quality-driven company with excellent service and community awareness, as well as truly above standard technical know how, ingenuity and care.
Kristin Review.png
Jake’s attention to detail and commitment to excellent personalized customer service has been refreshing in an age of computerized assistance. I look forward to working together.
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