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The Upstairs/Downstairs Package is for the TrueRife enthusiast who needs 1 unit on each floor of their house. No taking your TrueRife products up and down the stairs. You are all set with the Upstairs/Downstairs Package.

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What's in the box?

2 x F-122 Frequency Generator

2 x Asus 15.6" Laptop w/V6

2 x Super Nova Bulbs

2 x Crystal Hammer Bulbs

2 x Dr. Jo Spiral Bulb

1 x Vortex  Bulb

1 x Allred Zinger Bulb

2 x TrueRife Ground Sheets

2 x Jackhammer Amplifiers

2 x Travel Cases

4 x Ion Pro Waves

2 x TrueRife Soft Ground Mats

1 x TrueRife Software Version

2 x Tripod Stands

2 x Desktop Stands

2 x Footbath/Timers

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