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You asked. We listened.

TrueRife now offers 0% APR financing for qualified customers. Apply now at checkout!

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How Can TrueRife Help You?

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What Can TrueRife Do For You?

  • Decrease Pain

  • Improve Sleep

  • Increase Energy/Reduce Fatigue

  • Boost Athletic Performance

  • Elevate Your Mood

  • Recover Faster

  • Detox Your Body

TrueRife has over 2,400 programs in our database. New Programs are developed and added weekly. They are available free of charge.

Have more questions?

We have a dedicated team of experts readily available to answer any and all of your questions by phone or email.

Give us a call at (269) 382-5820 to see how TrueRife can help you.

The TrueRife Plan of Action

The hard part is over! You have found TrueRife and are on your way to a better life!

  1. Step 1 is buying a TrueRife Package. Our #1 selling package is the Night & Day Package and is our complete success kit. This is our recommendation to get you feeling better the fastest.

  2. TrueRife will then ship out your package within 24 hours. Tracking will be emailed to you so you can track the status of your delivery.

  3. Once you receive your package, you will follow our step by step guide to unpack and setup your TrueRife Device.

  4. You will be ready to run your first program and start your healing journey within minutes!

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