Our computer-controlled frequency generators (also known as "rife machines"), compatible with Windows and macOS, give the user the simplicity of running complete programs with just a few clicks. The system is so simple that we have clients in their 80s running it. We offer free phone support and free training videos with each system (See our support page).

The TrueRife F-122 is one of the most adaptable yet simple frequency-based machines ever built for research purposes. With an on-board computer and automatic scanning technology, the new F-122 is one of a kind! Our system works with Windows 10/11 and macOS 10.13+.

The F-122 represents a new class of rife frequency device, with both analog and digital output capabilities using our Hybrid waveform.


This device is the only plasma based device in the world with scanning capabilities, allowing you to scan for research frequency "hits." These are used to create a custom program unique to the user as well as generating a research database. This database is for research only. The GRS is not a medical or diagnostic device!


New F-122 Supercell

The impact of the F-122 is beyond compare. When used as a contact device, bulb to ground voltages may exceed an exlposive 1,800 volts! This incredible output is regulated by limiting current to a safe comfortable level and use of the Softground Mat that was developed in conjunction with 3M to dampen the voltages while still accelerating signal to ground. The integrated Phaser and Super Regeneration circuitry is unique and exclusive to TrueRife.

Frequency Generator & Amplifier

A state of the art frequency generator is at the core of these machines with outstanding performance and precision delivery of research frequencies. The F-122 also features a voltage amplifier and signal amplifier that gives the user maximum impact with comfort and safety. Built-in Phase Shifting Technology is exclusive to TrueRife. Our machines are compatible with international voltages.

Computer Software Controlled

The computer-controlled F-122 is connected to a computer using a USB cable. The included software gives the user simplicity of operation. All relevant information including current frequency and run time is displayed on the screen during operation. The F-122 is also capable of running as a standalone device without a computer connected.

Over 2,400 research programs are included with the F-122 software along with research from the best alternative practitioners from around the world to complement the protocols. With the addition of the optional GRS scanner, the F-122 will automatically record frequency hits scanned during sessions. The TrueRife software automatically updates your frequency sets for free with just one click! New programs are added often!

Manuals, free support, and training videos

Free frequency program updates for life with the guarantee that your system will always be on the cutting edge of frequency research! Simple manuals are included along with support that is just a phone call away!

Qx2 Package

Our most popular package. The two bulbs included with the system give the user the flexibility of using the Hammer bulb at night while sleeping. The large Qx2 bulb has 64x the output of handheld bulbs and comes mounted in a professional shield and tripod stand to use in radiant mode with no contact necessary. The Qx2 bulb and the optional Nova 360 boast a massive energy field greater than any other bulbs TrueRife has tested!

The F-122 gives the user both the impact energy of a contact device as well as the full body penetration of a plasma system as a result of "cold" bulb plasma transmission engineering. The two included bulbs run warm to the touch allowing for comfort when used in contact mode unlike other "hot" transmission type plasma devices. The end result is a dual energy impact machine unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Hammer Bulb

The Hammer bulb is unbreakable, comfortable, quiet, powerful, and dim, assisting in restful and productive sleep during sessions! All bulbs are manufactured to TrueRife specifications. TrueRife recommends that you use our ground sheet with this item.

Grounding Effects

Grounding effects have been added to the F-122 to reduce the body's resistance during sessions. Just place your feet on the Softground Mat while while the bulb resonates the F-122 programn. You will experience an acceleration of signal that you will not only feel but hear as well. The Softground Mat, developed in conjunction with 3M, gives the user an experience of signal acceleration with a comfort level that cannot be rivaled. The Softground sheet is used with the Hammer bulb for maximum acceleration.

Ion Pro Wave

Unlike similar systems, this device introduces research programs into the ionized energy field that is generated in the water. Add a few inches of warm water to the included tub, place the Ion Pro Wave in the water, add 3/4 tbsp. of sea salt, place your feet in, and start the program. Within a few minutes, hydrogen bubbles will be observed in the water's energy field. When the session is finished, you will see a change in water color color and consistence. You will see and feel the difference!

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