Understanding the Differences in Rife Device's


Chart above shows F-122 Frequency Delivery System

resulting in our Proprietary Hybrid waveform.

"I love Truerife in comparison to a model that I bought from another company, and another homemade device that I also bought in the past.  This one so much simpler, has all programs build in.  I am not disappointed at all, and it has a foot detox!"

Due to FDA regulations and various state laws, no medical claims can be made for  Royal R. Rife technology. All of the information expressed herein must be considered theoretical and unproven and for experimental research only!

"Thank you for being so quick!  And for everything!  The TrueRife equipment has helped us more than we even expected!"

TrueRife F-122 Features Comparison Chart


Company Provides Actual Physical Address of Device Manufacturer 

YES              NO           NO                NO          YES        NO

Frequency Software Auto Updates    

YES              NO            NO               NO           NO         NO            

History Log File / Time and Dates     

YES             NO             NO               NO           NO          NO                                                                                                                  

Video Linked Intuitive Software          

YES             NO             NO               NO           NO          NO                                                                                                                         

Phaser Circuitry                                  

YES             NO             NO               NO           NO         NO                                 

Two Amplifier System                               

YES              NO           NO                NO           NO         NO                                                                                                                          

Super Regeneration Circuit                

YES              NO          NO                 NO           NO         NO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Largest Ouput of any Device              

YES              NO          NO                 NO           NO          NO                                                                                                                                

Specialized Grounding  for Comfort  and Acceleration  

YES              NO          NO                 NO           NO          NO          

Foot Bath Frequency  Delivery System                     

 YES             NO           NO                NO           NO           NO                                                                                                 

Eight Different Bulbs for Special Applications                  

YES              NO           NO               NO             NO          NO                                                                                                                          

GRS Scanning Capablilities               

YES              NO           NO               NO             NO          NO                                                                                                                             

1 Hour / Same Day Shipping             

YES              NO           NO               NO             NO          NO             

Computerized LED Color Wand       

YES             NO            NO               NO             NO          NO                                                                                                                           

D.C.H. Programming                          

YES             NO            NO               NO             NO          NO                                                                                                                           

Fully Computerized System                 

YES             NO            NO               NO            YES         NO            

Qx2 Accelerator Output  / Up to 10000 X output of other instruments!                

YES             NO            NO               NO              NO         NO        

Colloidal Silver Capabilities               

YES             NO            NO               NO              NO         NO              

Can Generate Moderate Ozone While Running Programs       

YES             NO            NO              NO              NO          NO                                                                                                               

Ozonated Water Capabilities             

YES         NO                NO              NO              NO          NO          

Brain Entrainment Capabilities         

YES         NO                NO              NO              NO          NO                                                                                                                                

Fully Upgradable Hardware              

YES         NO                NO            NO                NO          NO                                                                                                                                  

Training DVD's / Video's /  Desktop Reference and MORE!                

YES         NO                NO           NO                 NO          NO          

Certification Program                          

YES         NO                NO          NO                 NO           NO                                                                                                                

International Conferences  and Workshops                 

YES         NO                NO          NO                 NO          NO         

Over 2000 Network Researchers      

YES         NO                NO         NO                  NO          NO                                                                                                                  

Abillity To Run Overnight Sets While You Sleep            

YES        NO                 NO        NO                   NO          NO                                                                                                               

Night-Time Grounding System / Ground Sheet

YES        NO                 NO        NO                  NO          NO

Proprietary Hybrid Waveform

YES        NO                  NO       NO                  NO          NO


Click Output Comparison Chart above for video!

With over 3700 researchers within our Network, Truerife has access to all of the above frequency based instruments.  Thus we are able to measure output of each of these devices in comparison to TrueRife output.

The New F-122 has Hyperdrive Circuitry.  It now boasts 2X the frequency range of previous models and over 128 X the output!


"Wish I had started out with your great equipment but I didn't because I was well ahead of you at the time!

I started out with this technology, but since then you have surged ahead with great research and equipment!"

           Gerald Foye / Author: Royal R. Rife "Betrayed and Persecuted"

    "You are amazing!  I am so thrilled with the speed of your customer service.  I can hardly believe that I got the product the day following my order.  Cudos to you and your staff for their incredible service and promptness!  Your committment to assisting people is an inspiration.  If only more people showed the same dedication, life would be vastly different for many people."

                                        Pat W.  Researcher

"If I were to purchase only one setup, it would be the TrueRife F-117. It is a well-made device and is capable of handling nearly any situation you can throw at it."

                                       Nathan B.  / Internationally known researcher

"We want to thank TrueRife Technology for the excellent service we receive from you.  Whenever we have technical issues you either respond immediately, or the very next day. Our clinic purchases a number of different products from suppliers, however, we have noticed that suppliers may provide an excellent product, but if they dont back this product up with their services, then the true value of the product is negligable.

We only wish that other companies provided the honest and foolproof products that TrueRife Technology provides!  We congratulate you!"           

                                          Besso / USA

"The complete information can be obtained directly from the manufacturer (www.truerife. com). A very honest person is going to assist you and is not going to exaggerate on the information given to you. I have used and I investigated frequency therapies for 11 years. I have been using the True Rife F-117 for 2 years and the Qx2 in the last 6 months with highly satisfactory results.  I have in use 3 devices ( F-117) from this company and if the dependability and effectiveness of the equipment is very good, better is the support service and the speed with which one is assisted. The price of the device is worthwhile."



  • DDS square wave frequency generation controlled by internal 32 bit processor 
  • 2 internal channels: A:2.5 MHZ, B:2.5 MHZ 
  • Channel A,B frequency resolution (step size): .0009 HZ 
  • Reference quartz oscillator stability: 50 ppm


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