Archives and Research Data from 2003-2011             Revised for 2011!
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This TrueRife Desk Reference is a compilation of research material based on the use of TrueRife frequency technology and related TrueRife devices. Much information contained here is of an experimental nature and has been gleaned from a variety of sources:

1. E-mails and other online exchanges between practitioners and researchers exploring the world of frequency technology.

2. Online discussion forums and information exchanges dedicated to frequency research and electro-therapy in general, and TrueRife technology in particular.

3. Instructions and suggestions from TrueRife's technical support regarding the application of TrueRife's experimental devices and related software.

4. Information and data (mostly unverified and experimental) taken from published books, texts, periodicals, studies, web sites, practitioners, and other sources of research in the field of natural healing and alternative (complementary) medicine.

5. The direct anecdotal experiences of researchers, health professionals, and others who have been experimenting and applying the principles of electro-therapy and frequency technology to various life situations.

The information presented in this Desk Reference is purely experimental and anecdotal. None of the data discussed in these pages has been tested or approved by any official agency and should not in any way be construed as medical diagnosis, medical advice, or recommended methods of therapy. It is rather a compendium of exploratory research into a subject that may eventually become a leading-edge technology for healing.

Robert Stratton
                                                                           Santa Rosa, California     
                                                                           Frequency Researcher / Practitioner

Why Purchase The TDR?

The new TrueRife Desktop Reference (TDR) compilation by Robert Stratton should be very useful to researchers as well as Rife practitioners. This reference addresses many specific questions that have been answered by frequency researchers and practitioners over the last five years.

Utilizing the information within its pages is like finding sheet music for a Grand Piano.  The musician can now play his instrument in ways he would never have been able to thanks to the work of other musicians who have provided him with additional music.

Printing Out Specific Sections

Those who have purchased the TDR will notice that some of the same pictures appear under a variety of subjects.  Pictures or illustrations to assist in explaining matters appear on over 70% of the pages.

The purpose of this is that many practitioner will choose to use the TRD for printouts for clients to explain certain modalities they are using or research material on a specific question or condition they may want more thoroughly explained.  Most of these printouts will contain these illustrations to simplify complex subjects.

One can choose to print the specific pages for clients from the PDF version. Pictures appear on almost every page!

A PDF download version comes with every order for this purpose.  Simple pick the section that is appropriate, choose Print, then select the Pages option in the print window.  Type for example in the pages dialogue box: 237-239.  Then choose the Print command to print out these pages.

Using The Index / Look Left  / Scroll to View

The index provides a shortcut for locating specific information within the 349 pages of this research work!

Robert Stratton has put a tremendous amount of time in generating the index that appears in the back of the TDR.  This index is superior to the table of contents as it will direct you to every instance where a specific subject, keyword or phrase is discussed.

Do to the exhaustive nature of this work, the TDR will prove to be an invaluable tool for research. (the table of contents can be viewed by scrolling the left upper corner of this web page)


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Over 349 pages of research that has been compiled and organized over a period of years from 2003 to 20!

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