No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions

Products below can be purchased separetly to create a custom system, or as a package which can result in significant savings.  As you scroll down this page you will see our package pricing.  Clicking on the pictures will give you more details as regard that product.  All products are manufactured and supported by TrueRife.  With TrueRife you can purchase just the blender or the whole kitchen!

NEW 2018 F-117 Life Force frequency generator and Amplifier. This is the engine that drives all other devices. With a built in Micro-processor it is the only Plasma based frequency instrument with scanning capabilities when connected to the GRS Scanner.

Start building your own custom package by ordering the F-117 and adding other components to it such as our most popular items listed below. Scroll down for PACKAGE PRICING! Note: All components below with the exception of the Ground Sheet, require the F-117 to drive them. The F-117 must be ordered with a minimum of 1 bulb below to use.  Basisc TrueRife Software and Training DVD included with this purchase.  An optional user freindly Pro version is available as an upgrade!

Color wand pictured in clips on right side of F-117 NOT included.  Click the video for more F-117 details!


 Qx2 Double Bubble with Amplification Shroud

This is the most powerful output bulb ever!  With the Qx2 amplification system the glass will literally bark or sing!  This is a must-have bulb to be added to the F-117 if you are building a custom package.  

Owning this bulb is also the equivalent of having a $1000.00 air ozonator as it releases a safe amount of ozone into the air during its programs because of the massive output!  

Click the video for more details!  See: Accessories page to order Tripod Stand with Boom Arm.  

Qx2 Double Bubble and Shroud / Tripod Stand needed to support this product / order below!



  Tripod Stand (for mounting Qx2 Double Bubble)  

The Tripod stand can be seen holding the Qx2 Double Bubble pictured behind the back.  It also comes with an optional boom arm but most clients just place Qx2 Double Bubble bulb on the Tripod stand stem.

The Nova 360 (see the Accessories Page) also mounts on this stand.

This item is included if one orders the Qx2 Package below!


THE SPIRAL BULB is used in contact with skin.  It delivers a massive amount of energy to the area of contact which is further accelerated when combined with SoftGround Pillow pictured below!

This tube is also used in conjucntion with our GRS Scanner for writing custom research programs.

A favorite among researchers it is offer 100% filtered UV protection as does all of our tubes.  A comfortabe grip and excellent performance is experienced as internal electrodes are inside of the grip.

This tube is COLD PLASMA so it is always warm to the touch while running.


SOFTGROUND PILLOW is designed for comfort and signal acceleration during your sessions.  No more hard metal foot plates or rods for grounding.  You can be hands free and enjoy the comfort of SoftGrounding.

Grounding is important during your sessions for energy transference to maximize results.  Some researchers have also concluded that cortisol levels may improve while grounding.

We have been able to shorten many programs because of this breakthrough in frequency delivery.

SoftGround Pillow is the result of 5 years of TrueRife research in conjunction wiith G.E. Polymershaes, Sabic Corporation and 3M company.  You can hear and feel the acceleration while using this product behind the back, under the feet or behind the head.

                                                        Click video for more information!                        


TRUERIFE BASIC SOFTWARE AND TRAINING DVD is included with all packages.  PC or Mac

The TrueRife Software is simple to use and contains over 2400 preset programs.  Free updates with the click of a mouse will add the latest research frequencies from TrueRife to your sets.The Training DVD demonstrates the basic setup of each of the product from TrueRife.  Advanced training research materials are also available if you choose to further your research and understanding.  Bundled FREE with all F-117 Purchases!

PROFESSIONAL VERSION 6.0 SOFTWARE UPGRADE / Not included in packages / PC or Mac


Version 6.0 software provides the latest research including new video links on thousands of health conditions.  This embedded research is based upon feedback through the years from the best practitioners as well as information that has been collected over the last 15 years of our existence.   (Click icon for video demonstration)

Also features a new search feature, suggestions for related programs and much more! a must for serious researchers.  User friendly with new instruction video.   For PC or Mac!


ION PRO WAVE foot spa's should not be compared with other Ionic Footbath systems.  These are frequency delivery modules that have their own unique programs.

Simply plug the module into the F-117, set the switch to BATH, add 1 tablesoon of salt to the tub and water, place the SoftGround Pillow behind your back and click RUN in the TrueRife Program software. You will see and feel the effects of this system!   Note:  We recommend 2 of these modules if you are building a package.  Module life will vary but can exceed 100 sessions.  Two of these are always included in packages.

      $120.00 Each                                                                           

 F-117 Qx2 Package   $3854.00          Save $175.00!   


Includes ALL of the items ABOVE along with 2 Ion Pro Wave footbaths.  Our most popular package! (Version 6 Professional Version Software Upgrade not Included)

You can build on this savings by adding additional items below to this special package pricing.


Would you buy a car with no headlights? Then why would you buy a frequency device that you cannot run after dark while you sleep?

The Hammer is powerful, quiet, dim, comfortable and unbreakable.  Over 6000 of these have been purchased since the release in 2010.

No one should be without this tube for sleep or travel!  Click IMAGE for Video!

All bulbs require the F-117 to function.  They are not stand alone products.




ENERGY GROUND / SIGNAL ACCELERATOR SHEET is designed for signal acceleration during your overnight sets it is placed under your fitted sheet. Manufactured in USA from 100% Nichel / Silver Plated Ripstop Fabric.  

Grounding is imperative at night as some researchers feel that cortisol levels are affected by a build-up of static discharges.  Some have stated that the effects are similar to walking the beach.  Walk the beach while you sleep!

Placed under your fitted sheet for comfort.  Machine Washable.

Click: for more details!


GRS SCANNER is designed for frequency researchers to use in conjunction with the F-117 and the Spiral bulb.  

Custom GRS SCAN programs can be accessed from the TrueRife software on your computer at the end of  scanning sessions.  The scanner baseline is adjusted during the scan each time the scanner tones.  When the scan is finished along with this custom program a database of related conditions is also generated.

The GRS Scanner is a research tool only and should not be construed as a diagnostic tool or medical device.



Optional GRS Hand Sensor (Optional add-on to the GRS Scanner or GRS Scanner Package)

Pictured left is the NEW GRS Hand Sensor.  This Item is optional and can also be purchased from the Accessories Page

The GRS comes standard with a GRS Handheld Sensor as seen in the Video (Click the GRS Picture above to see the video).



The GRS when coupled with the F-117 emulates Biofeedback devices costing $18,000 or more!  Plus it writes custom programs specific to TrueRife.  Standard GRS Grip Sensor pictured in Video comes standard.

GRS SCANNER PACKAGE   $4897.00     Save $270.00!                                            


Includes the items ABOVE (GRS Hand Sensor and Optional Ambient Lighting Package Not Included ) along with the Qx2 package.  A must for serious researchers!

You can build on this savings by adding additional items below to this special package pricing.  This package does not include the optional GRS Hand Sensor pictured above, but comes with the standard GRS Grip Sensor as pictured in the GRS Video. Hammer bulb already in package can be upgrade to Crystal Hammer by clicking the $100 Crystal Hammer Upgrade Add to Cart. 

This Package Also includes FREE Color Wand! 

HELIX VORTEX DETONATOR!  This tube features a rotational energy field within the barrel resulting in output that is off the scale!


A favorite among researchers because of its unique design and massive output. The over 5 feet of hand blown glass is sure to give the user an experience that can only be described as incredible!



PlasmaSphere Ozone Generator / Comes with the Vortex bulb inserted inside of the containment system.  This device interfaces with the F-117 to generate Ozonated Water or Air!

Some researchers report the clearing of brain fog within 1 hour of drinking ozonated water with pain levels diminishing as much as 30% as the ozone converts to pure oxygen after ingestion.  Jump start your day and increase your energy levels!



OZONE AMP will double the concentrations of Ozone generated by the PlasmaSphere.

This allows for shorter production times for ozonated water and higher concentrations of ozone generated in the air.  (it is still at a safe level within EPA standards)

Ozonated water production time can be reduced to as little as 8 minutes per glass!


TRUESILVER GENERATOR will generate 32 0z of pure pharmaceutical grade silver in as little as 2 hours.  Also can be used to "IMPRINT" water.  Plugs into F-117.


Silver was used before anti-biotics as an antimicrobrial product, and is still used for sterilization such as coating surgical gloves.   Generates 10-20 PPM Colloidal Silver.

Includes TrueSilver Module / 32 Oz Production Jar with 1 oz .9999 Pure Silver Probes / Two 2 Oz Cobalt Blue Spray Bottles / Filter and Laser Pen to test product along with instructions! 



TRUEFOCUS BRAIN ENTRAINMENT  "I opened the program folder for TrueFocus brain entrainment programs.  There were several programs to address everything from depression to mental clarity.  Since it was about 7:30 P.M., I decided  to try the insomnia program.  I placed on the TrueFocus goggles and headphones. 

As the program began everything felt normal.  I could hear the rapid pulsing of selected audio tones and my eyes were picking up the same rythmic pulses of light inside of the reflective  goggles. About twenty minutes into the session I noticed my mind had entered into a state of deep relaxation as the audio tones and lights went through several changes!  By now the pulsations had almost imperceptibly slowed down.  In just a few moments I would be into a deep sleep!"

State     Frequency range         State of mind

Delta      0.5Hz - 4Hz          Deep sleep

Theta     4Hz - 8Hz             Drowsiness 

Alpha     8Hz - 14Hz           Relaxed but alert

Beta      14Hz - 30Hz          Alert and Focused

Click video for more information!

TRUEFOCUS is a Super brain entrainment system used by some researchers to address such conditions as Insomnia, Addiction, Anxiety, depression and much more.  TrueFocu Goggles have LED's inside that pulse during sessions.

TrueFous interfaces with the F-117 to run these special programs for astounding results!


People subject to any forms of seizures, epilepsy, using pacemakers, suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders, currently taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers, are in a medical risk of using brain entrainment devices, such as TrueFocus.


HIGH ENERGY GROUND is used to add additional comfort and safety while using TrueRife systems.

With two settings, one for bulb and 1 for the foot bath, energy flow can be adjusted up or down for comfort or maximum energy flow and safety.

Click video for more information!      



F-117 Platinum Package    $6059.00    Save $360.00


Includes ALL of the items above as well as what is included in both packages. Vortex bulb (1) included with PlasmaSphere.

This package takes Energy research devices to another level with some of the most advanced instruments and interfaces ever discovered!

Feel the energy… Go Platinum!  (Also Includes FREE Color Wand!) Optional GRS Hand Sensor and Ambient Lighting Pacakge not included.

Hammer bulb already in package can be upgrade to Crystal Hammer by clicking the $100 Crystal Hammer Upgrade Add to Cart. 

Acer Laptop / Preloaded with TrueRife Software

New  for 2018!  An Acer 15 inch laptop for running your F-117 programs in place of your Laptop or PC.  This is a plug and play system!  Optimized by TrueRife with video’s and more!


This  Acer Laptop with a full version of Windows 10. Program comes pre-installed with additional video’s on the desktop as well as a PDF of the TrueRife Desk Reference.

Charger and USB Adaper included. Six hour battery life after charging. 1 Year Warranty / Includes TrueRife Video’s and the Desk Reference PDF. 

Specifications: 15.6 inch screen - 1 TB HDD - Windows 10 / Optimized for TrueRife software and devices!

Note:  This item replaces the Lenovo Pad pictured in the video.  The video of the tablet displays software functionality.   



The 2018 TRUERIFE DESKTOP REFERENCE (TDR) compilation by Robert Stratton is very useful to researchers as well as Rife practitioners. This reference addresses many specific questions that have been answered by frequency researchers and practitioners over the last five years.

Utilizing the information within its pages is like finding additional  sheet music for a Grand Piano.  The musician can now play his instrument in ways he would never have been able to thanks to the work of other musicians who have provided him with music and instruction.

Which experimental programs to run and how many times to run them is laid out for you in alphabetical order.

The information presented in this Desk Reference is purely experimental and anecdotal. None of the data discussed in these pages has been tested or approved by any official agency and should not in any way be construed as medical diagnosis, medical advice, or recommended methods of therapy. It is rather a compendium of exploratory research into a subject that may eventually become a leading-edge technology for healing.  349 pages!  Click the picture for more details!

This manual comes with the TrueRife Training Series DVD set FREE.

The Training Series DVD set includes information from the 2011 Conference as well as the TrueRife Workshop.

Learn more about the features of the TrueRife instruments, Software and practical application.

                                                          $89.95 Printed with 2 DVD Training

Desk Reference PDF only.  Instant Download… 349 pages!  Click Add to Cart below!


F-117 PLATINUM PRO PACKAGE  $6775.00  Save $495.00!


Includes ALL of the items above as well as the items that are included in the 3 packages. The most complete package of TrueRife Instruments and Research giving the user the greatest versatility of various applications and advanced training anywhere. We also Upgrade the TrueRife Desk Reference and Training series to Full TrueRife Certification Pack (a $249.00 value).  See Certification Pack details below.

Optional GRS Hand Sensor and Ambient Lighting Pacakge not included.

The Advanced Platinum Pro System!  

COLOR WAND / Ground Tube / Doubles Energy Flow!


The Color Wand is used for hand grounding. Doubles Energy Flow!  It is highly conductive so it should be used as instructed.  The LED colors are Blue, Green and Red and can be used for color work.   Included FREE with GRS Scanner, Platinum, and Platinum Pro Packages. 


Hammer bulb already in package can be upgrade to Crystal Hammer by clicking the $100 Crystal Hammer Upgrade Add to Cart. 


Additional Training DVD's

TrueRife host anual conferences and workshops that provide additional training in resonant therapy modalities and understanding of frequency instruments applications.

 These educational events are available on DVD!

NEW!  6 DVD 2014 Certification Workshop Training Set

certification 2013S

The new 6 DVD Workshop set pictured left was held at the TrueRife facilities May 2014.  This is the most comprehensive training on TrueRife Instruments and Interfaces we have ever ever published.  Covers everything included in the Platinum Pro Package and more!  Follows the outline provided in the 2013 Certification Workshop above but with new explosive information as regards application.  Conducted by Michael Tigchelar, CEO of TrueRife Instruments LLC.

You must own TrueRife instruments to purchase.  This is not for the public!  

You must be enrolled in the TrueRife Network to purchase this set.  If you are not enrolled go to the ABOUT PAGE and register your e-mail address to join the TrueRife Network to become part of our research team!  Those who are already certified may also want to add this DVD set to their training as it touches on different areas of research then the 2013 Cetification set.


2013 Conference

 2013 Conference DVD Set (4) For Network Researchers Only!

Explosive information presented by Michale Tigchelaar, Dr. Albrecht, Dr. Conners, Dr. Cataldo and Dr. Elksnis.

This series is only available for TrueRife Network Researchers and NOT anvailable to the public!  You can join the TrueRife Network on the about page to qualify to purchase this information if you are not already a member.

Covers AutoImmune Disorder, Lyme Disease, Cancer, PH Levels and much more!


2012 ADVANCE TRAINING SERIES is a 6 DVD set featuring never before published resonant therapy modalities and advanced usage of frequency instruments.  Click on the IMAGE for trailer.

Featuring Daniel Phend (TrueRife National Educator) you will learn about basic body functions, programs to run and instruments to use.

Presented so clear, that those with just the basics can grasp these ALL NEW concepts, yet so advanced that even the most experienced researchers will be surprised by these new findings.  Click IMAGE for Video Trailer!

Advanced features of the TrueRife software are also discussed by Michael Tigchelaar as well as specific programs and applications.



Conference DVD 2012

2012 CONFERENCE DVD SET features over 5 hours of runtime!  This is a 3 DVD set that is a must for TrueRife researchers who were unable to attend, as well as conference delegates who want an archive from the presentations for review.  Learn about the latest breakthroughs in resonant research, applications and health protocol.  Click on the IMAGE for trailer.

DVD 1  History of Rife TechnologyTrueRife devices explained.  What to look for in a Rife device. Importance of blood pH levels. (pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity) Speakers: Michael Tigchelaar / Dr. Albrecht

DVD 2    Rifescapes   / Natural Skin Care /  Legal Protection Darkfield Microscopy and More!   Speakers:  Stephen Docto, Teresa Elksnis, Joseph Cataldo, Evars Elksnis and Cindy Doctor

DVD 3  Application of TrueRife Instruments   Speaker: Michael Tigchelaar



Conference DVDE2

2010 CONFERENCE DVD SET is a favorite amongst many researchers as it has earth shaking information  concerning Lyme Disease, pH and Cancer and much more!

The differences in TrueRife instruments is also explained.

The 2011 Conference is also available on request.  Click on IMAGE for video trailer.

Click the Image video trailer!     3 DVD set.






CERTIFICATION PACK meets request from researchers to become certified by TrueRife as regards having an understanding of the functions and operations of TrueRife systems and protocols.

Those who become certified will receive several benefits:


1.Validation from TrueRife that they have expertise and understanding of the various modalities of our research and products.

2. People who are interested in TrueRife products or modalities in the geographical area of the certified researcher will be directed to them first for additional information.

3. Can qualify to become a paid distributor of TrueRife products and research.

Upon completion a Certificate is issued with the researchers name as pictured above.  If one chooses to become a TrueRife distributor, they can sign the included contract for authorization.

The Certification pack includes the TrueRife Desktop, certification DVD's (Updated to 6 DVD) and the Certification Test manual.                                        




This manual features a cross reference of TrueRife Frequencies.  Each frequency listed is followed by the protocols that our researchers use the frequency for.

There is no source that we are aware of that provides such an exhaustive frequency list in printed form.

352 pages / Ring bound with laminated cover and FREE PDF version.

Click image for PDF sample!   $75.00

PDF Only - $24.95                                                       


Accessories and Interfaces

TrueRife has more accessories and interfaces than any other company.  This is because of our dedication to customer request and ongoing research that never ends!  

Check this section regularly as new devices are being added all the time!  At least 6 new releases are added every year!

Click on the picture above or the Accessories link at the top of this page to see more items that are available to further expand the functionality of your TrueRife system!

No returns after 30 days from purchase date / There is a 20% restocking fee on ALL returns

Customers must provide the original receipt

Shipping cost Non-Refundable  

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