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Product Description:


The Full Coverage Package is the most complete package of all TrueRife products and research. It gives you all of the products you need to run every program, with the recommended bulb application.

Full Coverage Package

$7,797.00 Regular Price
$7,125.00Sale Price
    • F-122 Frequency Generator
    • Asus 15.6" Laptop preloaded with TrueRife Version 6.2 Software
    • SuperNova Bulb
    • Overnight Tornado Bulb
    • Reliever Bulb
    • Vortex Bulb
    • TrueRife Relief Rings
    • Beauty Bulb
    • TrueRife Ground Sheet
    • Jackhammer Amplifier
    • Travel Case
    • 2 x Ion Pro Waves
    • Footbath Heater/Timer
    • TrueRife Soft Ground Mat
    • Dual Output FootBath Module
    • TrueRife Version 6 Software
    • 1 Bottle of Youthful Energy
    • Upgraded Tripod Stand (for Super Nova)
    • Footbath Tub


    Normal Price: $8,367

    Save $772 when you buy the package!

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