No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions!

TrueRife has more accessories and interfaces than any other company.  This is because of our dedication to customer request and relentless research that never ends!  All items listed are compatible for the F-117 or F-122 frequency generator.

Check this section regularly as new devices are being added all the time!  At least 6 new releases are added every year!  The newest always appear near the top!

 We stock all products in our warehouse / Same day shipping for orders received before 2:30 P.M. EST!

                                                                   NEW RELEASES!

Crystal Nova 


This bulb delivers a massive rotational energy field as does the standard Nova 360 but has been crystalized to deliver even more!  Crystals are electrified on the bulbs surface radiating their own frequencies based on their size and shape. A must for advanced researchers!  



GRS Patch System


Plugs into your current GRS Scanner.  Over a year of testing before this release.  Can be used instead of the GRS Hand Sensor.  A favorite among practitioners!

Comes with a bag of 50 patches good for 25 Scans.  Additional patches (50) can be purchased for $20.

Excellent for use with children as well as those with small hands or are frail.

The patches can be placed on the clavical or forehead.

Instructions included.  You must already own the GRS Scanner to use this system. GRS Scanner Not Included!


Additional Patches (50) Click Cart Button Below


    Click the picture above for a video of the release!

Crystal Hammer


Over a year of testing before this release!  Crystals are electrified on the tubes surface radiating their own frequencies based on their size and shape.  You will feel the effects of this advanced tube with four crystals and one gemstone imbedded to the surface!  An incredible tube for nightime or travel!  $365.00

Gemstone QX2 Lens / Crystal Shroud  Qx2 Bulb and Holder pictured not included.

This item Mounts directly into the Qx2 Bulb and Shroud.


By adding the layer of crystals we have found an increase in Resonant Field Effects. The specific size and particle shape have been milled to perfection!  These crystals are just large enough to capture electrical energy and refract it, but not too small to block the primary frequency.

The refraction ability captured by this unique blend of gemstones has increased the density of frequency waves within the field.  It is impossible to quantify and measure these refractory waves since there are endless sizes and shapes.

A blend of 5 different crystals and 1 gemstone are matrixed to the face of this product.  Smudges may appear on this product that cannot be removed.  This is normal as a part of the process of imbedding the crystal and does not affect performance.


We have added a clip within the ART System to allow the Spiral Bulb to be used.  This also protects the spiral bulb from breakage.

Crystal Shroud Augemented Resonant Technology 2: $195.00 (Oversized DrJoSpiral will not fit)

Desktop Stand and Holder for Hammer and Crystal Shroud (Bulb and Crystal Shroud not included)


This Desktop stand includes a clip to hold the Hammer bulb so it can be used on a desktop or night stand.

The Crystal shroud can simply be placed over the clip and the Hammer Bulb as pictured.  This allows users who do not own the Qx2 Bulb or primarily are using the Hammer bulb to interface the Crystal Shroud ART system to the Hammer bulb.


Qx2 Protector 4


Lexan Qx2 Shroud Protector / No Crystals

Protects your Qx2 Bulb from breakage in the event of a fall or tipover of the Triopd Stand.  Click image for more details!

Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5 Laptop / Preloaded with TrueRife Software / Optomized for TrueRife Functionality

This is a plug and play system that willl run your F-122 without the need to install any software! 

The  cer Ntro 5 Laptop with the complete Windows 10 OS. 


Specifications: 15.6 inch screen - 8 GB Ram - 1 TB HDD - Windows 10 - DVD with Pre-installed TrueRife v6 Software. 


  New!    GRS Hand Sensor    

Plugs into the GRS Scanner in place of the GRS Hand Control.  Click Picture for video!

Offers the user more comfort and stability during scans.

Includes internal blue lighting to assist in relaxation during scans.  Scans can be done with or without lighting.  Also great for kids and those with small hands!

Instructions included along with a copy of the simplified scanning DVD.   New for 2013!


                                                        Click here: App TrueRife - YouTube

We have generated a new Smartphone App. that is available for TrueRife users.  This App. is designed to keep you in touch with the latest research releases from TrueRife and quick access to contact information.
Designed Specifically for those interested in Resonant therapy, it has quick access to News, Upcoming Events, Audio and Video Files and much more!

Now available at  all APP stores including I-Tunes 

Click here: Truerife - Get it now!

Click on the link above.  Send your smart phone an e-mail to get the TrueRife App!

Once it downloads you will be prompted to save it on your Phone.  If you do not save it, you will have to download it each time from the link that you E-mailed yourself.  Make sure to save it when prompted.

Cost: FREE!

New Release / Run Programs from your I-Phone TrueRife APP!


Simply click on the TrueRife App / Access the Programs Link / Plug in the I-Resonant System Bands or use the provided Electrode Patches / Tap the program you want and off you go!

Three Brain Entrainment Programs have also been added to use with your Headphones or simply play them on your phone

I-Resonant System Kit includes everything pictured above (except phone) along with a bag of 50 patches and instructions!


                                             New! Mp3R Resonant System 

I-Resonant system with Mp3R Resonant System /  Allows users to run ther programs without their phone.  Comes pre-loaded with the 24 I-Resonant programs on a Scandisk Mp3 Player. Programs loop so they will run continuously until stopped. Wrist Straps, Ear Buds and Patches included! USB Rechargable / 24 hours of Battery Life / 8G Storage



Mp3R Player Only / You already own Straps and Patches


TrueRife Software Instant Download / NEW Stacking Programs Feature and a Repeat Button!  June 2019 Version

This is the latest version of TrueRife Software version 5.0.

Compatible with Windows 7 - Win 10

Over 2400 programs and thousand of educational video links.

If you have purchased a laptop with no CD-Rom player, you can use the link provided after your payment to install the program directly onto your computer.  A new Repeat button has been added to this version. that allows you to repeat a program 3x when activated.

Windows Logo

                                                         $24.95 Instant Download for PC or Mac!


NEW!  Click the Add To Cart button below for Mac Version of TrueRife Software

Note:  Once you finish the instant download, click on the Update FREQ button to get by the message (error loading truerifedb.txt) then close and re-open the F100 program and the installation is complete!

See the v6 Pro Software on the Products Page! $55

Comfort Products for TrueRife Instruments  /  NEW!  F-117 or F-122  Sleep Cover

F-117 Night Cover

The F-117 / F-122 Sleep Cover blocks all front panel lighting to assist in a better nights rest during your overnight sessions.

Great for those who need a completely darkened room for adequate sleep.

Can be combined with the HammaPajama below for total darkness of both the F-117 / F-122 and Hammer tube.

Elastic straps on either side fasten to the clips for a secure fit.


NEW!  HammaPajama for the Hammer Overnight Travel Bulb

"I used the "HammaPajama"  last night for the first time!  It was great to have the convenient slip-on cover for the Hammer bulb instead of awkwardly wrapping a dusty towel around it to shield the light, only to have it slip off from time to time.  The "HammaPajama"  is secured in place, and doesn't slip off,  making a good dark environment for my bedroom.  Since I am a believer of using the overnight sets,  I will be regularly using it.  It is so convenient.  I am glad that someone came up with the idea of creating it"

Thank-you!We have had request for a Cover for the Hammer Overnight  / Travel Tube that will not only block the light but also make the tube easy to cuddle.


The HammaPajama comes in several quilt designs and colors.  Please call us if you have a preference.

Cords can also be placed inside of the Pajama for travel.  A draw string tightens the fabric at one end for a nice snug fit.

For ultimate comfort for overnight work using the Hammer bulb this is a great fit!

Machine washable quilted fabric.



THERMAL MATRIX HEATER includes Timer / Heater and instructions. The Ion Pro Wave foot bath pictured not included. Heats to 94-96 F.  NEW Thermostat HEATER ELEMENT!

Our seven years of research shows that an ambient water temperature of 92-96 degrees yields the most dramatic results from this system.  Click the image for video!

The Heater has been calibrated to this temperature. The Thermal Matrix has a heater element that should yield years of life.  However, it should never be run outside of the water as this will result in heater core failure in a minute or less.


Replacement 100 W Heater Core Element Only with Strap   $65.00 Click ADD TO CART Button Below!


NEW!  Thermal Tub Insulator 

Enjoy a more comfortable foot bath / Held an ambient water temerature of over 90 degrees after 1 hour with the insulator cover! Floats on top of preheated water insulating against heat loss. 

Starting temperature of warmed water was over 105 degrees. We measured a 12 degree loss in 1 hour.


                             $35.00 (tub not included / for home use only)

Specialty Bulbs for TrueRife Instruments


Nova 360 

We have received many positive reviews for the Nova 360 Bulb.  It delivers its energy in a different way than our other tubes.

The Nova not only gives a 360 degree delivery at the same power as a Qx2 without the noise, but also has a rotational effect that eminates from the tube resulting in a possible re-alignment of the body's own energy fields.

The Nova 360 mounts to any tripod stand.  We recommend a circle of 5 feet or closer for maximum impact from this tube.


Nova 360 features:

1.  Massive output

2.  Omni-Directional

3.  Great for group sessions

4.  Runs Quiet

5. Rotational Energy Field

6.  Easily mounts to any Tripod Stand

Order your Nova 360 today!   $390.00

Tripod Stand with Boom Arm / Made by Euroboom,  the Neuromatix, Nova 360 and Qx2 bulb all mount to this stand.  Note picture above!



The NeuroMatrix fullfills the desire for a tube that encircles the head area.  The energy within the core is off scale.  We have tested this tube for safety.  It has amazing potential but so far it has not grown hair :)

It mounts to the boom on a tripod stand which can then be raised or lowered to the desired height!

This bulb is available as a specialty order and is drop shipped directly from our manufacturer.  



DR.JOSPIRAL is a favorite tube amongst researchers.  It boasts 4X the impact energy of our standard Spiral Bulb pictured to the left.

Used in contact with the skin it covers 30% more surface area.

You will not believe the massive feel of this tube and outstanding performance until you experience it yourself!



ALLRED ZINGER  / Click IMAGE for video

It was a little over four years ago on a Monday morning that I received a call from Barry Allred. I expected that it would be as other calls, as Barry had called often just to talk or share his latest ideas of how to improve Rife Technology. In the last two years of his life we talked almost daily.

 On this damp August morning Barry would call to let me know he had been hospitalized over the weekend with severe pains in his abdomen. The prognosis was cancer, and he was informed he had a few weeks live.

 My first conversation with Barry was in 2003, when I called him to order a Rife tube. When you called Barry it was not enough to sell you his product, he wanted to talk to you, and seldom seemed in a hurry.  Over the next few years Barry would contribute more than just Rife tubes to our research. Barry seldom talked about people. Barry talked about ideas. Many of the jumps we made technologically were a result of a conversation with Barry. At times I was resistant to his ideas, but in every case gave in and was glad I did so.

Barry invented the modern version of the Rife Double Bubble. He would find out some years later from Gerald Foye (author of the book Royal Rife... Betrayed and Persecuted) that Rife himself had considered the double bubble he used as a favorite tube.

Barry also released the Spiral Bulb, Helix Vortex, DrJoSpiral, and was developing the Portal before his death. His gas formulation for our current tubes are still in use. In my last conversations with him after his diagnosis he stated he had many more ideas once he recovered. Unfortunately he did not. Toxicity from years of working with gas formulations in his shop had taken its toll on his liver along with the stage four Cancer.

We keep a picture of Barry in our lab, and named the Allred Zinger after him. He is still missed four years later by those who knew him. I personally will never forget him. It was not just his contribution, but the man himself that leaves you with such a sense of loss.

Barry was a contributor of ideas not just things. May we all strive to do the same.

The Allred Zinger is used as an Accupuncture type tube delivering its energy to a single point.   It has also been used by some as a facial rejuvination tube to induce electroporation while applying skin care products.


Double Bubble with QX2 Shroud Amplifier

Quantum Qqx2hair

This is a new acrylic shield "Q" gas plasma bulb amplifier that will generate "power beyond any frequency instrument have ever tested!"

Click on the IMAGE to watch the video and you will actually hear the glass pulsating during the entire sequence.  The pulsing noise is not the F-122 but the glass on the bulb itself!

There is a mild generating of ozone during amplified output from the bulb that is clearly detectable.  While frequency sessions are being run the room air is being ozonated.

Frequency remains stable while output measurements are up to 16 times greater than without the amplifier.

Output can only be described as incredible due to the new Quantum Q gas mixture that fills the double bubble.  This is an exclusive to TrueRife!

Note: The Qx2 can be run in Normal Unamplified mode which will quiet the output and generate no ozone.  This model still generates a tremendous energy field in comparison to other devices we have tested!

Qx2 Accelerator (shroud only) without bulb: $250

Double Bubble Bulb Only: $265

Qx2 2018

                                 2019 Qx2 Bulb and Accelerator Amplification Shroud

Qx2 Accelerator Shroud with bulb as pictured above: $485.00

Comes with complete instructions and mounting hardware.  (seat belts not included)                                                                  

        Energy Ground Sheet


" I am very EMF sensitive, and your grounding sheet has drastically improved my symptoms. I used to get sick everywhere I went because of wifi and other stuff, and now I barely feel it at all!"

Energy Ground Sheet is imperative for overnight work as it accelerates signal during overnight sessions.

There are many other advantages to grounding.  Click the Image for more details as regards this product!  Nickel / Silver Plated Ripstop. 33 X 100 inches



Advanced energy mat for daytime work!

Feel the energy while you work!  This pad is resilent and safe.  Meets standards for safety and comfort.

Can be used as pictured above or in bed, while resting on a sofa, or chair!

Manufactured from carbonized rubber with a 15 foot snap on connector.

The current product has a gray finish.  Socks can be worn when grounding or if placed behind the back a thin shirt is recommended between the mat and the skin.


       Dimensions 24" X 12"


TRUECOMFORT BRAIN ENTRAINMENT GLASSES replace the Truefocus goggles for comfort. The standard goggles can be uncomfortable for some users, especially children.

These offer the same effects as the standard TrueFocus Goggles.  They are however more fragile and should be handled with care.  TrueFocus Goggles are almost unbreakable.  These Goggles have LED's inside that pulse during sessions.

Ages 8-adult                 $69.95     

Note:  These are standard with 2019 TrueFocus!

rifescapweb_medRifeScapes CD2Rifescapes_Theta_Moon_CD_Outside

RIFESCAPES CD Volume 1 contains a rich blend of soothing ambient soundscapes to help you rest with deep sleep. Each song contains Delta Wave audio frequencies that lie just under the music. These audio tones are perfectly matched and scientifically proven to help entrain the brain to unwind and relax with deep sleep to follow.

Designed for maximum relaxation, the CD contains all original music that is perfect for any spa session, resort relaxation, massage therapy, RIFE sessions, and helping you sleep. All music written, arranged and performed by Stephen Doctor.The Rife Scapes Brain Entrainment Audio CDs have been mastered to deliver digital controlled computer programmed entrainment frequencies by means of audio tones based on TrueFocus programming.  These have been transferred to CD.

Click IMAGE Relax and Escape for audio sample!

Click IMAGE Renew and Awaken for Video!                             

     $24.95  Volume 1       Relax and Escape  (Sleep)

     $24.95  Volume 2       Renew and Awaken  (Energy)

     $24.95  Volume 3       Pure Relaxation   (Mood)

1. Place the RifeScape CD into any player.

 2. Choose the track that matches your condition.                    

3. Plug in your headphones or listen to the track preferably with eyes closed in a relaxed and quiet place. 

This is the latest technology in brain entrainment as there is no need for binaural beats that are used with other entrainment systems. These CD's can be used with or without headphones.  Audio output can be heard from any CD player.  Some have played the Renew and Awaken CD in their car on the way to work for example.  

Ozone Insulflation


This ear-piece easily connects to the PlasmaSphere pump for introduction of ozone through the ears. 

Special Note / Ear piece is noisy during usage. 

Exposure time should not exceed 15 minutes.  

Click on the IMAGE for more details as regards the PlasmaSpere Ozone Generator!   Instructions Included.




"The taste of the water generated by the system (we used ice chilled filtered water) could only be described as incredible!  After 40 minutes to an hour after drinking the water I could feel an oxygen "high" as the ozone molecules reconvert to oxygen resulting in a burst of cellular energy! "

"My pain levels dropped by 30% after drinking ozonated water!"

"I drink ozonated water before every workout for energy!"

PlasmaSphere with Vortex Bulb        $615.00    


PlasmaSphere Only / You already own the Vortex Bulb 



PlasmaSphere Ozone Amp / Will double Ozone Concentrations / Not needed if you have purchased the Standalone Power Module.


Plasmasphere Replacement Pump  $39.00  This replacement pump is Ozone resistant and easily mounts to the PlasmaSphere lid within minutes!



FOOTBATH DUAL OUTPUT ADAPTER will run two footbaths at the same time!  Also has two grounding receptacles so each person can be grounded while in session. 


3 Ground Adapter / For use with NOVA 360 bulb.  Has 3 grounding inputs for group sessions.                  




You can run up to 5 people at the same time from this module.  Great for group sessions.  It should be noted that only a single program can be run on the group during these sessions.  Call if you need additional footbath tubs or grounding devices. Can also be used with the NOVA 360 to provide 5 grounds.





      Brand New Replacements!


1 TRANSISTOR AND 2 FUSES replacement set.

All TrueRife Systems come with a spare transistor and 2 fuses in the event of a voltage surge.  Transistors are placed on the back of the F-117 or F-122 along with the fuse holder allowing the user easy access and a simple repair to keep up and running!  This repair can be done in minutes.


                                                              10 Fuses shipped priority mail 


No returns after 30 days from date of purchase / There is a 20% restocking fee on ALL returns

Customers must provide the original receipt

Shipping cost Non-Refundable   

No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions!

TrueRife has more accessories and interfaces than any other company.  This is because of our dedication to customer request and relentless research that never ends!  

Check this section regularly as new devices are being added all the time!  At least 6 new releases are added every year!  The newest always appear near the top!For more items click on the PRODUCTS Link!  More Accessories coming soon!                                                   

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