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"Wish I had started out with your great equipment but I didn't because I was well ahead of you at the time! I started out with this technology, but since then you have surged ahead with great research and equipment!"

- Gerald Foye

"You are amazing! I am so thrilled with the speed of your customer service. I can hardly believe that I got the product the day following my order. Kudos to you and your staff for their incredible service and promptness! Your commitment to assisting people is an inspiration. If only more people showed the same dedication, life would be vastly different for many people."

- Pat W. (researcher)

"If I were to purchase only one setup, it would be the TrueRife F-117. It is a well-made device and is capable of handling nearly any situation you can throw at it."

- Nathan B. (internationally known researcher)

"We want to thank TrueRife technology for the excellent service we receive from you. Whenever we have technical issues you either respond immediately, or on the very next day. Our clinic purchases a number of different products from suppliers, however, we have noticed that suppliers may provide an excellent product, but if they don't back this product up with their services, then the true value of the product is negligable. We only wish that other companies produced the honest and foolproof products that TrueRife technology provides. We congratulate you!"

- Besso