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  What is the difference between Rife Contact and Plasma (bulb output) devices?

Rife plasma devices put out a preset frequency and an electromagnetic field in order to cause resonance or vibration of one of the components of a targeted pathogen to bring about devitalization.

                                                   Some people find it difficult to comprehend that a bulb could put
                                                   out an invisible beam of energy that could have any impact on a

                                                  One of the best ways to comprehend this possibility is to
                                                  understand the principles behind a microwave oven which most of
                                                  us have in our homes.

How do microwave ovens work?

In a microwave oven, food is cooked by exposing it to microwave radiation. Most household microwave ovens operate on a frequency of 2450 megahertz (MHz or million cycles per second) in a continuous wave (cw) mode. Larger ovens used for industrial applications sometimes operate at 915 MHz.

The source of the radiation in a microwave oven is the magnetron tube. The magnetron, basically, converts 60 Hz powerline electric current to electromagnetic radiation of 2450 MHz. The high voltage (typically 3,000 to 4,000 volts) which powers the magnetron tube is produced by a step-up transformer rectifier, and filter which converts the 120V AC (alternating current or 60 Hz line voltage) to 4 kV DC (direct current).

The microwave radiation produces heat inside the food in the oven. Heat is produced when the water molecules in the food vibrate (at a rate of 2,450,000,000 times per second) when the food absorbs the microwave radiation. The movement of the molecules produce friction which causes heat. This heat cooks or warms up the food. Or in the case of an egg that has been overcooked it will explode!  A piece of dry paper however does not heat at all since the frequency output of a microwave is a match to water not paper.

It is similar with Rife Plasma devices.  A bulb outputs energy that is a frequency match to one of the components of a microorganism and devitalizes it due to vibration or excitation!

                                           TrueRife plasma bulb transmission devices have an output in the audio
                                           or Hz range and generate a safe non-ionized field that produces only
                                           vibration and not the destructive heat of a microwave or radiation devices
                                           which operate at much higher ionized frequencies.  Rife Plasma devices
                                           use excitation to devitalize their targets.


Rife contact devices operate on different principles of energy transmission.  These devices generally transfer their energy through surfaces and therefore are excellent in treating the blood, but may have some limitations as regards full body penetration.

This might be illustrated by considering another common household device that can be found in most homes. A stove.

In this case, unlike a microwave, energy transference is generated through
contact with the coils of the stove.  Energy first circulates around the surface
of the object placed on the burner and then slowly transfers over time farther
into the object being cooked.

Since the body is a semiconductor with approximately 1 million ohms of
resistance, penetration of contact energy is somewhat limited.  Transferring
energy through the body by means of contact is like placing a turkey on top of the stoves burner vs a pot of water which conducts energy much easier. While a commercial microwave can fully penetrate the bird with its bulb outputted energy transmission, the stove as a contact device is limited.  TrueRife bulbs transfer high voltage in contact mode.

TrueRife systems allow for both methods of energy transference!

Employing both methods of energy transference (contact and bulb) for maximum frequency penetration and impact is possible with TrueRife cold bulb plasma transmission when used with grounding devices while making skin to bulb contact. The benefits of both plasma and contact devices can be employed simultaneously this way bring about dramatic results!

The bodies resistance can be reduced by employing ground devices as pictured above resulting in much greater energy flow and full body penetration of signal when using a plasma device!

Ground tube being held while bulb is being placed in direct contact with the skin resulting in both radiant and contact energy flow being accelerated through the body. Center picture demonstrates the use of a grounding plate for energy acceleration. Contact is made with the bulb as shown on the right while feet rest on plate.

WARNING: Not all Frequency generators are really frequency generators.  You may have visited some Rife groups that claim to be able to run Rife frequencies through an audio CD.  Others have been selling plans that allows you to use a computer sound card or stereo for frequency delivery.

These devices are not frequency generators.  They are nothing more than expensive stereos without speakers.

What is the difference between using a sound card that are used by some Rife Manufacturers as a frequency generator as opposed to the Atelier Robin frequency generators used by TrueRife?

This question was posed to our Manufacturer.  This is the response:

The main difference between a sound card and our frequency generators is bandwidth. The other difference, not strictly related to the limitations of a sound card is programmability. I am not aware of a software as flexible as F100 that works with sound cards. As far as bandwidth,  It is one difference that has major implications for the different features you use with our generators: square waves, duty cycle control.

To produce a reasonable square wave at 10KHZ for example, you need a generator with a bandwidth of at least 200 KHZ. The higher the bandwidth,the more square the wave will be and the more harmonics it contains. A PC sound card tops at 20KHZ (180 KHZ short) The F117 has a square wave with a rise/fall time of a few nano-seconds. That translates into a bandwidth in the 800 MHZ region for the F-117 frequency generator.

Duty cycle control is another feature that requires high bandwidth and precise wave form control simply not possible with a PC sound card.

Best Regards,

Ateleir Robin

The F-117 uses a true precision frequency generator as opposed to sound cards which have severe limitations.
(The duplication of the F-117 Internal frequency generator represents at least a $100,000 investment to engineer.  This is why some vendors use "cheap" ineffective audio sound cards within their system.  The clue as to if a cheap sound card is being used is the manufacturer will advertise that you can run his system with a MP 3 player or they offer audio frequency Cd's.)


Dear Rob:

"I am sad to hear about your dissatisfaction with your rife in a suitcase e-bay purchase.

With regards to purchasing things on E-Bay:

A cheap price is soon forgotten, whereas quality and satisfaction are long remembered. In other words, you get what you pay for."

THE OPPOSITE of your E-Bay Experience:

"I cannot speak highly enough of of I purchased a F110 System from him in January. He always returns emails within 24 hours or sooner or calls in person. He makes things right NOW and stands 100% behind his product with a 1 year warranty, free ongoing training and support, free monthly system upgrades. He has also helped develop custom experimental programs I have suggested for me at no charge."

"The TrueRife Ion Pro Wave hydrotherapy foot bath is incredible!"

"Using the spiral plasma tube and the F110 generator I have eliminated my 13 year old nephew's acne. Now Mike has a ionic silver attachment called TrueSilver that you can make your own colloidal silver for pennies. Versus $20 a bottle retail, plus you can imprint a frequency on it to help target specific pathogens."

The flexibility of the True Rife to be:

1) a plasma bulb high output Rife machine,

2) A Hulda Clark frequency zapper,

3) A foot bath hydrotherapy ART (Advanced Resonant Technology) Machine,

4) A controller generator for an ionic colloidal silver machine

5) Being PC controlled and able to easily customize programs, not to mention easy to run.

6) plus TrueRife has more stuff in the works for more future uses to make it even more useful and not a single purpose machine.

"I as a very satisfied customer and biologist, I feel that the TrueRife is the most flexible and best supported Rife research system available. It has been a wonderful experience doing business with and well worth the investment in my personal and family's health. listens to every suggestion I have made and takes action to improve the machines and create new applications."

"This is an unpaid testimonial from the heart. Thank you for being real, being there AFTER the sale and not all smoke and mirrors like some of the other machines I have seen on the market. I do not hesitate to recommend his True Rife F110, True Signal and True Silver equipment to this forum. I will definitely continue to do business with TrueRife!


Why Purchase TrueRife?
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Michael Tigchelaar
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'The progress against cancer continues to be mixed,'' says co-author Dr. Michael Thun of the American Cancer Society.

An estimated 556,500 Americans will die of cancer this year, and 1.3 million will
be diagnosed with it.
TrueRife bulbs are specifically built for TrueRife to our specifications, and are made with shielded glass for UV filtering.  Our manufacturer claims up to 30 years bulb life since there are no filaments to burn out.
The American Cancer Society (ACS) conclusions on EMF are:
“Electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below ionizing and ultraviolet levels has not been shown to cause cancer.

See the RESEARCH PAGE for an explanation of viruses and Rife Technology!

These are the Specs of the board used in TrueRife systems:


DDS square wave frequency generation controlled by internal 32 bit processor
MS-Windows F100 3.0 software to control the F110 from a PC USB port.
Program file format fully compatible with F100 3.0.29 and our previous generators
2 internal channels: A:1.5 MHZ, B:100 KHZ
1 output 5 V TTL.

Channels A,B can be routed to the output in any combination (see note 2)
Any of the 2 internal channels can be used as a carrier for the other channel
Channel A,B frequency resolution: .01 HZ
Reference quartz oscillator stability: 50 ppm
Channels A,B duty cycle programmable.
Can be programmed to automatically load and run a program at powerup in standalone mode without the need for a PC.
Max output current 100 ma
   Bandwidth 800 MHZ

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Due to FDA regulations and various state laws, no medical claims can be made for these devices!
All of the information expressed must be considered theoretical and unproven and for research only.

"Wish I had started out with your great equipment but I didn't because I was well ahead of you at the time!
I started out with this technology, but since then you have surged ahead with great research and equipment!"
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Pat W.  Researcher

"If I were to purchase only one setup, it would be the TrueRife F-117. It is a well-made device, incorporating an Atelier Robin F-110 generator, and is capable of handling nearly any situation you can throw at it."
                                         Nathan B.  /Internationally known researcher

"We want to thank TrueRife
Technology for the excellent service we receive from you.  Whenever we have technical issues you either respond immediately, or the very next day. Our clinic purchases a number of different products from suppliers, however, we have noticed that suppliers may provide an excellent product, but if they dont back this product up with their services, then the true value of the product is negligable.

We only wish that other companies provided the honest and foolproof products that TrueRife Technology provides!  We congratulate you!"           

Besso / USA

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work you do."

With much appreciation and gratitude, best regards,

The complete information can be obtained directly from the manufacturer (www.truerife. com). A very honest person is going to assist you and is not going to exaggerate on the information given to you. I use and I investigate the frequency therapies for 11 years. I have been using the True Rife F-117 for 2 years and the Qx2 in the last 6 months with highly satisfactory results.  I have in use 3 devices ( F-117) from this company and if the dependability and effectiveness of the equipment is very good, better is the support service and the speed with which one is assisted. The price of the device is worthwhile."