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The worlds first frequency based computerized ionic silver processor!  Simply open the program and click run, everything else is automatic!
Computerized Ionic Silver Generation
Established 2003
TrueRife Technology
The TrueSilver Ionic Silver Generator takes advantage of the internal microprocessor of the TrueRife T-150, F-110 or F-117 for computer controlled processing.

Along with constant current, specific harmonic square waves are implemented in the programming to produce a micronized frequency charged ionic silver solution!

Due to FDA regulations and various state laws, no medical claims can be made for the this device. All of the information expressed must be considered theoretical and unproven and for research only.
"Silver is a superconductor that bridges the electrical gap
and restores healthy current flow."

Produces up to 32 fl oz of colloidal silver in 2 hours! 
Pays for itself in product in just one use!

The TrueSilver Generator produces ionic silver by means of the TrueRife  T-150,  F-110 or F-117 Ion output.The silver electrodes simply plug in and are easily replaced although they should give you years of service. We have incorporated a unique processing method that results in an electro-magnetic vortex within the water itself during processing to insure a very stable product with extended shelf life.

After filling the supplied container with distilled water, activate the software and the TrueSilver Program.  Everything else is automatic!  Automatically shuts off when finished! 

Ionic silver solutions  contain a low percentage of their silver content in the form of particles, and have a fairly low particle surface as relative to the total silver content.

Toggle Switch Up: Produces 8-10 PPM solution.  Higher concentrations (20 PPM) can be achieved by increasing program dwell time. 

Toggle Switch Down: Produces 5 PPM solution or 10 PPM when running cleaning production program.  This mode results in self cleaning of electrodes when run after 3-4 normal (toggle switch up) production programs.

Three preset computer modes are used in the production process!

Processing program: Uses pulsed harmonic square waves for production process.

Aproximate processing program run time is 1 hour. 

Imprinting:  Used by some researchers to imprint the finished product with a specific frequency after production is finished.  Specific research frequencies can be imprinted or "hits" picked up by the GRS. Eighteen imprinting programs included with the software or create your own.

Cleaning: Toggle switch to down position to set unit for Auto Clean Program to clean electrodes or actually run production depending on the program choice.  This setting reverses polarity of electrodes.

Approximate imprint program run time 1 minute.

Unit comes complete with two 99.99% pure silver electrodes, TrueSilver processor,  software and simple operating instructions. Two labeled bottles for storing and using the finished product also included (True Spectrum is NOT used as part of the production process but is the finished product).  Laser pointer pictured below also included FREE!

Compatible with TrueRife systems only!  / Filters included!

We have had many request for a larger capacity container for generating Ionic / Coloidal silver. 

This new 32 oz Jar is now standard with all TrueSilver systems.

Our probes shoud never need replaced and are .9999 pure medical grade silver.
Until 1938, colloidal silver was in common use.  For example, silver dollars were placed in milk to prolong its shelf life.

  Physicians used  silver until the pharmaceutical industry set the research aside in favor of antibiotics.

Tyndall Effect

A laser pointer
can be used to demonstrate the Tyndall effect and validate silver production properties. 

Coloring was
added to water
for demonstration purposes.

Laser pointer for seeing the Tyndall effect of colloids in suspension. 

Silver particles refract the beam as it is shined through the solution.

Key chain laser pointer!  Batteries included!  FREE with all orders!
Produce Ionic Silver for pennies a day!