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Easy to use! Simply grasp the GRS hand control module, start the Rife session, and wait for the chime and the red LED to light!  The F-117 will record the current running frequency!
The only Rife plasma frequency scanner with microprocessor technology when interfaced with the F-117 Raptor!
Established 2003
TrueRife Instruments
The Galvanic Resonant Scanner (GRS I I ) is designed to pick up which frequencies in a session may be the ones producing results, often refered to as "hits" by Rife researchers.

Hits are the frequencies that are causing a physiological response, possibly indicating the need to extend this frequency or repeat in further sessions.

New for 2011:  Upgraded hand control, improved GRS II circuitry, software and instructional video!

General Guidelines / Important Note: Antihistamins or Opiads such as Vicadin will inhibit GRS response!

The baseline is set while the client is holding the GRS control module by tuning from RED  to GREEN LED light ONLY.  An audio tone (chime) can be heard while tuning for baseline as the GRS is tuned full right (clockwise) resulting in tone and the Red LED lit, then slowly turned counter clockwise untill tone fades.  Then back counter clockwise slightly till the RED LED is barely lit.  This sets sensitivity of the GRS to maximum. The baseline is your individual sensitivity setting for the GRS to pick up a response during sessions.
Many frequency "hits" will phase in (RED LIGHT) in about 2 seconds or less, and phase out in about 1-2 minutes.

"Hit" frequencies can be cross can be researched by clicking on the DB hits
tab within the F-100 software.

See the Video for further information!

History of GRS Development                          GRS Scanning Simplified


2005: TrueRife began doing research on a resonant scanner.

Since then we have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of
dollars in the development of our current scanner.  

2006: The original GRS was replaced by a new model with some
minor improvements.
This device has been instrumental in developing many of our programs
as well as isolating frequencies that may be having the strongest
physiological impact during sessions.

Beginning in early 2007 we begin researching other ways to improve the
GRS.  A labor strike in Canada back-ordered one of the key
components used in the circuitry forcing us to begin experimenting with
other components.  The end result was the discovery of an entirely new
circuit that is much more stable than the previous boards in both output
and eliminating false positives.

2007: We released the F-117 TrueRife Intercept as we entered into further research into integrating the GRS (with the F-117 microprocessor) and our current F-100 software to gain computer control over the GRS so as to automatically record hit frequencies and generate a custom program that could be recalled within the software.

This project has required changes in 3 areas.

1.  Placing an interface within the F-117 oscillator itself to receive recorded hits from the GRS.  This required physical modifications to the F-117 board and firmware. 

2. Re-inventing the GRS circuitry to interface with the F-117 oscillator.  This required several changes in the output circuitry as well as optically and electronically isolating part of the GRS from ground.

3.  A new software interface to call up recorded hits and a database.

This project represents one of the largest investments of time, energy and resources that we had ever invested because of its scope and impact.

All of this has led to the release of the F-117 Intercept and third generation GRS in 2007.

2008: A new advanced hand control and strap were added which double the sensistivity of the scanner.

2009: More modifications were added to the circuitry to further increase sensitivity.

2010: Another modicication was made to the ciruitry to further improve the GRS.

2011: This lead to the final release of the GRS II and a new 10 minute training video to be used with the previous training video.

GRS Instructional Video and Advanced Software Included with all GRS II orders for 2011.

The GRS and Software is NOT compatable other frequency machines.

Only 2007 - 2011 F-117's  are equiped with the microprocessor technology that will
automatically record hits from the GRS scanner and generate custom programs.
Advanced Software!  Recorded hits will cross reference to pathogens and conditions database.

RifeScapes Audio CD's by Stephen Doctor

This Audio CD is recommended during scans to

keep you relaxed for more reliable scans.

Please click the image for more details!

The GRS and Software is NOT compatable other frequency machines.

Only 2007 - 2011 F-117's  are equiped with the microprocessor technology that will
automatically record hits from the GRS scanner and generate custom programs.
New Advanced Software!  Recorded hits will cross reference to a research and conditions database.

The GRS is not a diagnostic tool but a research device.

Atelier Robin F-125, F-165 and F-170 keypads are currently not capable of interfacing with the GRS to record hits.
This scanning and the recording interface along with advanced version 3.0.34 software is exclusive to TrueRife.

"I finally figured ou the GRS  I worked on myself this morning and got 3 hits and they were in the GRS Hits folder.  I am so excited!  Thanks for this wonderful machine."

Due to FDA regulations and various state laws, no medical claims can be made for the this device. All of the information expressed must be considered theoretical and unproven and for experimental research only.
"Had a client in yesterday.  Ran the scanner while they were undergoing a session.

It was quite interesting because the client would actually feel the hit, then the GRS would tone less than a second later.  This was a clear demonstration of the sensitivity of the scanner as well as the speed in picking up galvanic responses or potential frequency "hits."

These frequencies were recorded and saved for the next session, as a customized program can now be created only using the "HIT" frequencies, reducing the program from 45 minutes to nine!"
Hits are automatically recorded during the session into the F-100 software.

To access, simple click FILE / GRS Hits in the F-100 software!

The hits will now come up as a program ready to run!
Note how the program header keeps a record of what program the "hits" were recorded from.

This GRS generated program can be saved as a custom program for repeated use by clicking on the SAVE AS option
and naming the FILE "My Hits"!

By clicking RUN on the generated program everything will sequence automatically!
  Optional GRS hand Strap.  Can be used instead of hand control.

"Screen shot of advanced 3.0.34 software"

New Improved Circuitry and Software for 2011
Automatically records frequency hits!
GRS Training video included with all orders!