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We want to thank TrueRife Technology for the excellent service we receive from you.  Whenever we have technical issues you either respond immediately, or the very next day. Our clinic purchases a number of different products from suppliers, however, we have noticed that suppliers may provide an excellent product, but if they dont back this product up with their
services, then the true value of the product is negligable.

We only wish that other companies provided the honest and foolproof products that TrueRife Technology provides!  We congratulate you!

  Research / USA

F-117 Flexability and features!

Digitally controled precision oscillator (brain): YES

Digital ouput capabilities: YES

Analog output capabilities: YES

Easy Programing:

Rife plasma bulb output: YES

Rife contact device ouput: YES

Detox system: YES

Fully upgradable: YES

Can be integrated with other optional devices: YES

Microprocessor scanning: YES

One year limited warranty on all parts and labor! YES

Two amplifier system: Yes

Free onlne automated software upgrades for life:

Qx2 / Quantum Q Characteristics

This is a new acrylic shield / Q gas plasma bulb amplifier that will generate power beyond any Rife output device we have ever tested!

Watch the video and you will actually hear the glass pulsating during the entire sequence.  The pulsing is not the F-117 but the glass on the bulb itself!

There is a mild generating of ozone during amplified output from the bulb that is clearly detectable.  While frequency sessions are being run the room air is be ozonated.

Frequency remains stable while output measurements are up to 16 times greater than without the amplifier.

Frequency remains stable while output measurements are up to 16x greater. The picture above is a time delay photograph taken in darkened conditions.  You can see the plasma accelerators as distorted circles in the center of each bubble.  Energy transference is virtually being hammered to the bulb because of the Qx2's unique impendence characteristics!  In contact mode hold onto your chair as this may be the ride of your life!

Kill Range

The kill range of the Qx2 frequency output is up to 36-144 square square feet.  One should be seated 6 feet or closer to the Qx2 as output will vary depending on frequency range being generated by the F-117.  As with all research sessions, the closer to the bulb the greater the impact energy.

Output can only be described as......................... incredible do to the new Quantum Q gas mixture that fills the double bubble.  This is an exclusive to TrueRife!

The kill range of the ozone generated by the Qx2 is 200-600 square feet depending on program length and program frequency ranges.

Technically with this output several people could be in session at the same time.

New Quantum Q Gass results in greater output and penetration!

The Qx2 output is a new experience for many frequency researchers!

Qx2 Accelerator without bulb: $210.00
(Your bulb removed from your current shield and installed into the Qx2 shroud)

Qx2 Accelerator with bulb: $450.00

Comes with complete instructions and mounting hardware.  (seat belts not included)

Note: The Qx2 can be run in Normal Unamplified mode which will quiet the output and generate no ozone.  This mode still generates a tremendous energy field in comparison to other devices we have tested!

Question:  Why does TrueRife have so much greater Radiant energy output as compared to other systems?

The device is not properly balanced to deliver maximum power to the plasma tube or the
electrodes, or has too little power internally.
Some devices boasting higher frequency ranges
are using something similar to a high voltage neon sign transformer to generate high voltage to light the plasma tube (bulb). These transformers have very little EMF output but do light the tube. They are comparable to standing in front of a neon sign.

Rife tube has no electrodes: This is a common practice among some manufacturers. They attempt to deliver power by winding high voltage wire around the glass rather than using electrodes inside the tube to fire the gas.   This has a "choking effect" on signal input and output reducing a 300 Watt system to the output of a 65 watt light bulb.  This setup also induces excessive heat on the internal components often resulting in early failure of the device.  Bulb life is also reduced dramatically as the high voltage wire over time burns or arcs through the glass resulting in tube failure.

. It is a Pad / Contact device only:  Energy transference is primarily electrically induced, not through an electromagnetic energy field.  See:


One manufacturer claims "hits" were felt up to 60 feet, but that is only if the subject is sitting on a case of beer down wind from the machine during a hurricane!  Our measurements of  this  manufactureres device indicated 1 inch of output in comparison to the Qx2 ouput of 5-6 feet.

No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnosis, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions.
Quantum Effect Energy Transference Device
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