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The New 2011 Hammer Hi-Lo
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We want to thank TrueRife Technology for the excellent service we receive from you.  Whenever we have technical issues you either respond immediately, or the very next day. Our clinic purchases a number of different products from suppliers, however, we have noticed that suppliers may provide an excellent product, but if they dont back this product up with their
services, then the true value of the product is negligable.

We only wish that other companies provided the honest and foolproof products that TrueRife Technology provides!  We congratulate you!

  Research / USA

F-117 Flexability and features!

Digitally controled precision oscillator (brain): YES

Digital ouput capabilities: YES

Analog output capabilities: YES

Easy Programing:

Rife plasma bulb output: YES

Rife contact device ouput: YES

Detox system: YES

Fully upgradable: YES

Can be integrated with other optional devices: YES

Lifetime Support: YES

Microprocessor scanning: YES

One year limited warranty on all parts and labor! YES

The Hammer Hi-Lo
Unleashing the power of
Quantum Energy!

Overnight sets are a staple for most of our clients. They allow you to do most of your frequency sessions while you sleep, freeing up hours during the day.

The question has always been "where do I place the bulb" for overnight work?  Bulb placement has always been recommended to be 3 feet or less for overnight sets to maintain a reasonable amount of impact energy.  Three feet is the most common distance to avoid breakage.

The "Hammer" / Up to 64x more impact energy than our current overnight bulb application!

For each foot that the bulb is moved closer, 4x more impact energy is delivered. Because the "Hammer" can be placed next to the body, the end result is an overnight set impact tube boasting up to 64x more delivered energy than our current tubes that usually are placed several feet away from the body for safety.

Cost of the Hammer Hi-Lo Bulb Only is $265.00 (No Night Stand and Holder)

With Night Stand / Holder and Greenlee output tester as pictured: $320.00

Overnight Sets / Travel Bulb / Child Proof / Will withstand over 100 lbs of pressure with no breakage!

It Pegged The Meter!

Initial testing of this bulb generated JAW DROPPING output readings!  At 3176 Hz the bulb manufacturers Tri-Field Meter was pegged at 6 feet with readings that would have exceeded 100,000 Volts per meter (this is the highest reading the meter was capable of).  It took a couple good hard slaps to the meter to get the needle to reset for another test at 8 feet where a similar reading was displayed.  (Because of the clear protective housing, no shock can occur when touching the Hammer)

The amazing thing about this bulb is it is generating massive output at higher frequencies.  Normally frequency output drops off at higher ranges.  This bulb will be excellent for overnight sets with NO dropoff of power when running cancer and lyme range research frequency sets.

This is because of the new High Output / Low Photonic Emissions.  When this bulb is running in daylight, the bulb appears not to be lit at all.  You can only see the light from the bulb when the lights are turned off.  Output however is beyond compare of any tube of this type ever built!

The "Hammer" will allow the user to literally hug the bulb like a baby.  It is almost impervious to breakage.  This new bulb configuration features a 25mm (1 inch diameter) Overnight E-gass Plus tube, enclosed within a 2 inch clear pipe with end caps and pads.  Rolling over on this tube during sleep will NOT result in breakage.  You can literally place the "hammer" under the blankets with you at night if you choose. The new Overnight gas glows much dimmer while giving superior overnight set output.  This tube also runs quiet, as it is encased in a protective outer tube aiding in better sleep.

The bottom line of the new "Hammer" overnight bulb is to generate more impact resulting in quicker resolution times for researchers.

The "Hammer" bulb containment dimensions is 2 x 18 inches with 9 foot leads.  The leads are 1 foot longer than our current tube leads. 

Sabic Corporation has assisted us in development of a Night stand holder.

Simply snap your Hammer within the holder for storage or radiant use.  The Hammer clip holder will also fit on the larger tripod stand.  The included Greenlee tester will validate output and signal strength as the hammer cannot has NO light output when running in daylight.  It can be seen glowing in darkness.

Comes with complete instructions and mounting hardware.  (seat belts not included)


Further Accelerate your overnight sets by adding the SoftGround Energy Sleep system!

Grounded half sheet developed to use in conjunction with the Hammer for overnight sets.  Will effectively double the impact energy!


This half sheet system is placed under the fitted sheet for comfort.

New studies demonstrate additonal health benefits from grounding during sleep.

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Quantum Effect Energy Transference Device
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Hammer $265
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